Application Developer

Application Developer

Primary Function:

This position has primary responsibility for the development and maintenance of web applications and network server applications. This position uses rapid application development tools and component technologies such as C# (MVC), Visual Studio, TSQL, Stored Procedures, and other similar tools to provide users with applications that support Strategy Deployment Priorities and other business goals.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. ?Develop/modify and support internal and external web and Windows-based server applications such as:

a. ?CCNet (Intranet)

b. ?SharePoint

c. ?eFreight

d. ?Production Scheduling

e. ?Raw Material Planning

f. ?Export documentation

g. ?EDI

h. ?Data integration between ERP and web/network applications

i. ?Business Intelligence

ii. ?Salesforce.com CRM

i. ?Development of new web and Windows-based server applications

2. ?Provide support to Marketing Specialist related to development and maintenance of CCNet Marketing sites and external Company websites

3. ?Coordinate and develop application integration between web/Windows-based applications and IBM iSeries applications

4. ?Backup to Joliet Mfg IT ? System Administrator supporting Manufacturing Control Systems (Wonderware and Recipe Management System) and plant IT infrastructure.

5. ?Perform specific web/network application development activities as defined below:

? ?Develop and Design Web Sites and Applications

o ?Develop models and prototypes?

o ?Develop Website architecture, application models and user interface specifications?

o ?Identify system platform components and dependencies?

o ?Select programming languages, design tools and applications?

o ?Write supporting code?

? ?Implement, Maintain and Support Web Sites and Applications

o ?Administer content?

o ?Integrate customer feedback?

o ?Perform application maintenance?

o ?Plan rollout and facilitate handoff to customer

o ?Troubleshoot issues

o ?Recommend optimization and facilitate upgrades and improvement?

? ?Perform Content and Technical Analysis for Web Development

o ?Prepare functional, content, testing and technical specifications?

o ?Prepare preliminary application?

o ?Review technical considerations and constraints?

? ?Support SharePoint environment

o ?Recommend optimization and facilitate upgrades and improvement?

o ?Troubleshoot SharePoint errors and user issues


Skills and Qualifications:

1. ?1-2 years? experience as a Windows-based Application Developer

2. ?Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time

3. ?Good organizational skills

4. ?Good communication skills

5. ?Good project management skills

6. ?Ability to follow IT Project methodology and complete tasks on-time

7. ?Experience with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)

8. ?Working knowledge of Microsoft C# (MVC)

9. ?Working knowledge of Microsoft SQL

10. ?Working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio

11. ?Working knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint

12. ?Ability to support network applications in a Windows environment


??B.S. degree in IT Management or Business Management with a concentration in Application Development.

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