Sr Engineer

Performs specialized engineering duties related to one or more functional areas that may include: pipeline system planning and analysis, gathering system operation; gas and liquids measurement, gas analysis, and measurement station design; and/or estimating, designing, and coordinating pipeline construction projects.
Scope of Duties and Responsibilities
Direct, perform, and/or approve engineering activities relative to design of company pipeline including but not limited to:
Transmission and/or gathering systems and appurtenances
Measurement and regulation facilities
Compressor and pump stations
Dehydration plants
Construction plans and implementation
Material/equipment specifications and selection
Analyze and evaluate various pipeline systems and make recommendations for improvements related to capacity, operating costs, and system operation. Evaluate proposed projects by conducting load studies. (Specified by position)
Analyze and evaluate various measurement systems designs and make recommendations for improvements related to station capacity and operating costs. Increase accuracy of measurement system and downstream reporting systems. (Specified by position)
Direct and perform engineering, implementation, maintenance and monitoring activities relative to CPM: Computational Pipeline Monitoring (leak detection, batch tracking and scraper tracking). (Specified by position)
Perform calculations related to project, investment, and operational cost estimates; determining equipment efficiencies and enhancements; and conducting studies relative to supply acquisitions.
Coordinate projects among departments, producers, scheduling, customers, operations and contractors including but not limited to:
Bid proposals and contracts
Operational problems
Material specifications and selection
Construction and/or relocation projects
Provide technical and/or engineering assistance to management, employees, governmental/regulatory personnel, contractors, producers, manufacturers, and others on matters including but not limited to:
Meter and regulator settings
Equipment/system design
Pipeline sizes
Pipeline control
Facility design, construction, operation, and maintenance
Policies and procedures
Research, analyze, prepare, and/or approve information including but not limited to:
Engineering studies
Governmental rules, regulations, codes, and standards
Pipeline and/or measurement system analyses and recommendations
Pipeline and/or measurement bid proposals
Construction and/or measurement contracts
Purchase, transportation, and exchange agreements and/or contracts
Cost estimates
Material specifications/selections
Regular and reliable attendance is required in performance of job.
Employee may be required to perform additional duties as assigned.
Bachelor's degree in engineering desirable plus significant job-related experience as follows:
Experience with and thorough knowledge of pipelines and related facilities design, construction, operation, and maintenance projects.
Experience with material failure and structural analysis and thorough knowledge of industry standards and governmental regulations.
Application of math, algebraic formulas, statistical methods, and calculus.
Experience in use and function of mainframe and/or microcomputer applications such as Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, etc.
Experience and training related to:
Transmission/gathering pipeline operations
Gas measurement and regulation activities
Computer applications including Stoner and Gregg (Specified by position)
Company/governmental operating and safety procedures
Interpersonal/communication skills
Material failure investigations
Pipeline stress/strain analyses
Experience identifying, researching, evaluating, and prioritizing operational problems or specific situations and determining appropriate action/response.
Experience researching and preparing project material and design specifications, contracts, agreements, budgets, engineering studies, and various reports, forms, and correspondence.
Demonstrated ability to read and understand governmental regulations, references, journals, construction plans, blueprints, contracts, manuals, reports, specifications, and correspondence and use that knowledge to develop and complete projects.
Demonstrated people skills to interact, negotiate, advise, and communicate effectively.
Experience examining, testing, and evaluating new products, materials, and techniques.
Demonstrated ability to supervise, direct, and/or delegate work assignments. Knowledge of personnel policies and procedures. (Specified by position)
Experience developing information and making presentations to groups and individuals.
Demonstrated ability to read and write fluently in English.
Applicable driver's license. Requires travel to other company offices and facilities and to job sites.
Physical Requirements
Mobility to move in and around plant and office facilities and around job sites out-of-doors.
Ability to operate tools and equipment as required.
Communication Requirements
Communicate and exchange verbal information and instructions; conduct oral presentations.
Visual Requirements
Sufficient to perform job duties.
ONEOK is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, national origin, gender identify, disability, military/veteran status, genetic information or any other categories protected by applicable law.

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